Koopower 6M 100 LED Outdoor String Lights Review

Koopower 6M 100 LED Outdoor String Lights image 1Koopower 6M 100 LED Outdoor String Lights is a professional business being experts in KooPower branded LED Lights. KooPower Waterproof Battery Operated LED Lights not just could be made use of in anywhere (Indoor and also Outdoor) you require so free your sockets, but additionally comes with a tempting price. They light your house and also Garden during the night and look fantastic. Perfect for Xmas, wedding events, event, festival, garden, kicthen as well as etc.

8 Light Impact:
2. In wave
3. Consecutive
4. Slo Glo
5. Chasing/Flash
6. Slow-moving fade
7. Twinkle/Flash
8. Steady on

Timer Program When selected, the lights will certainly switch on in the pre-programmed timing sequence of 6 hrs on, 18 hrs off over each 24 hour period. Timing series will certainly continue until turned off or battery power is diminished.

Koopower 6M 100 LED Outdoor String Lights, dimmable Press DIM- or press DIM+ of remote to readjust the illumination of the lights Weatherproof IP65 Waterproof Score, can be used for outside Ultra Slim Silver Copper Cord Placed in a copper cord, these LED lights provide a classy tone as well as refined warmth to your decors.


Bundle material:
1 x KooPower 6M 100 Led Outdoor Battery Fairy Lighting Cozy White
1 x Remote Control

1. By pushing OFF and afterwards ON, the previous or existing mode will certainly be selected
2. For how long the lights last depends upon batteries so we recommend you select top quality batteries.

Gorgeous lights. The cable is slim and also copper so also looks beautiful. Stunning little lights and also like the little control pad. So eagerly anticipating seeing them illuminated at the front of your home, placing them onto you little conifers at each side of the garage. Koopower 6M 100 LED Outdoor String Lights is excellent lights for outdoors. They are on copper cord so can be easily moved around on your plant of selection to develop a magnificent result. The appearance completely stunning, such small lights yet provide a wonderful warm twinkle, actually refined but definitely stand out as well as festive as well as elegant. Two chains together look magnificent laced with our large bush. Hope they keep working! About to purchase 2 more sets for our christmas tree as love the glow they give.

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  • KooPower 6M 100 LEDs battery-operated weatherproof string lights can be used indoors or out without trailing cables or an external power supply.
  • Timing program (6 hours on, 18 hours off) provides a set-and-forget operation; Please set the mode you need before switching to ‘TIMER’ for timer function; Removing or changing the batteries will delete all previous settings.
  • Wireless Remote control allows for convenient operation.
  • Variable mode (8 Modes) and brightness settings provide the perfect solution for your decorative lighting needs; Memory Function: Once the mode is selected, the light will work in this mode next time and you don’t need to worry about re-set until battery power is depleted.
  • Dust- and waterproofing to IP 65 level makes these bright lights suitable for use in conditions where dust, rain, spraying water, snow or frost are likely. Perfect for use at Christmas, Easter, other celebration events or simply to give your home a novel warm inviting glow.

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Koopower 6M 100 LED Outdoor String Lights image 2 Koopower 6M 100 LED Outdoor String Lights image 3

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